Award For IOM Staff


IOM's representative for Central and Eastern Europe, Argentina
Szabados, is to be given an award by the Hungarian Interior
Minister, Monika Lamperth, in recognition of her long-standing
dedication and exceptional contribution to countering human
trafficking in Hungary.


The Minister's Award, to be presented at a ceremony on 22 February,
is usually given on an annual basis to Minister of Interior (MOI)
employees for outstanding performance and to MOI partners who make
a personal contribution to a charitable cause.


In Hungary, IOM has been carrying out numerous counter-trafficking
programmes together with the MOI for more than six years. As a
result, new generations have learnt of the dangers of human
trafficking, both in Hungary and in the region. A shelter and
referral system has also been established for trafficked victims
and counter-trafficking has been incorporated into the national
school curriculum.


The award to Argentina Szabados will be jointly presented by Mme
Lamperth and the Justice Minister, Jozsef Petretei.


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IOM Budapest

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