Border Guard Training Centre Opens


IOM this week opened a new training centre for Tajik and Afghan
border guards in Korogh in Badakhshan province bordering

The centre, funded by the US State Department, will complement
an existing Border Guard Training Centre in Dushanbe which was
established by IOM in 2003. To date, the Dushanbe Centre has
successfully trained over 120 border officials from all over the

The two-storey, fully equipped Korogh centre, which will operate
under the supervision of the Tajik State Border Guards Committee
and can accommodate up to 15 live-in students, will offer four
three-month courses each year taught by six professional

Border guards attending the programme will be offered advanced
training in practical subjects including border control,
inspection, migration law, human rights, computer studies and
English. Other subjects including Farsi and Dari may be
subsequently added to the curriculum.

Although located in Tajikistan, the centre is also expected to
provide training for border guards from Afghanistan, where no
comparable professional training is available. 

For further information, please contact:

Abdusattor Esoev

IOM Dushanbe

Tel: +992 372 21 03 02

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