Computerized Border Management Information System in Timor-Leste Launched


IOM has supported the launch of a computerized Border Management
Information System (BMIS) in Timor-Leste, in close collaboration
with the government and the Portuguese and Australian immigration

The system registers international arrivals and departures, and
records the period of stay for foreigners. It allows real time
access to a centralised information database and supports
risk-based border processing, to enable quick and effective
processing of genuine travellers.

It also includes an alert-matching process to ensure that
persons of security or other concern can be identified at the
border and an informed decision taken concerning their entry.

"With this system, Migration Service officers will be able to
control the documentation of the entry and exit of foreign
nationals from the national territory efficiently and effectively,"
said Jose da Costa, National Director of the Timor-Leste Migration

The implementation of the system was a collaborative effort
involving IOM, Portugal, Australia and the Timor-Leste

The BMIS was adapted from the Portuguese border management
system to meet local needs and the project was funded by the
Australian Government under IOM’s Enhanced Migration
Management (EMM) project.

In June 2010, a pilot version of the BMIS was installed at Dili
International Airport, with continuing monitoring and oversight
from IOM.

A Visa Module and upgraded Movements Module were introduced in
February 2011. These allow the Migration Service to process visas
globally and to monitor and report on their visa processing

The BMIS will be rolled out to Timorese border posts,
immigration offices and consulates throughout 2011.

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