Counter Trafficking Training Centre Opens


IOM, the government of Tajikistan and the Tajik State National
University have opened a training centre at the university's law
faculty in Dushanbe to combat human trafficking.

The centre, the first of its kind in Central Asia, is the result
of close cooperation between IOM and the Tajik government following
Tajikistan's ratification in 2002 of the UN Convention Against
Transnational Organized Crime.

The aim of the centre, which is supported by an IOM project
funded by the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law
Enforcement (INL) of the US State Department, is to train highly
qualified specialists, including lawyers, judges and investigators,
in combating human trafficking.

"We also hope that research undertaken at the centre will
contribute to new methodologies to combat the serious challenges
posed by human trafficking in this region," says IOM Dushanbe
Acting Chief of Mission, Abdusator Esoev. 

The centre, which will train some 200 specialists a year, will
operate under the guidance of academics, state officials and
national and international experts in Criminology, Criminal and
Procedural Law.

For more information, please contact:

Abdusator Esoev

IOM Dushanbe

Tel. +99.2372210302

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