Denmark Grants IOM Privileges and Immunities


Marie-Louise Overvad, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of
Denmark to United Nations Office and other International
Organizations in Geneva and the Director General of IOM, Brunson
McKinley, have signed an agreement on July 13, 2006, granting IOM
privileges and immunities in Denmark.

For many years now IOM enjoys a very successful cooperation with
Denmark. The organization has carried out numerous projects
supported by the Kingdom in Denmark and around the world in a
variety of fields, e.g., the Out-of-Country voting for Iraqis
living abroad, assisted voluntary return programmes to Iraq and
Afghanistan, etc. At present IOM in cooperation with Denmark
implements, amongst others, a programme against human trafficking
in Eastern and South Eastern Europe, resettlement assistance and
pre-departure health assessments around the world and a technical
cooperation pilot programme on irregular and transit migration
between Maghreb, West African and Europe. “Denmark is a very
important partner for IOM and among the most active member states
of the organization”, states Dr. Thomas Weiss, Regional
Representative of IOM.

IOM and other international organizations are granted immunities
and privileges in many countries to support and facilitate their
work. Privileges and immunities comprise, inter alia, immunity from
jurisdiction, inviolability of premises and archives, currency and
fiscal privileges as well as immunity from taxation on salaries and
emoluments paid by the organization.

“This agreement will surely help to further cooperation
between Denmark and IOM on topics of mutual interest. Moreover, it
will strengthen IOM’s position in the Nordic
countries”, believes Dr. Weiss.

For more information, please contact Dr. Thomas Weiss, Regional
Representative, MRF Helsinki, href="mailto:tweiss@iom" target="_blank" title=
"">, +358-50-9-684 11 50.

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