Director General of the IOM António Vitorino meets with the President of Colombia, Iván Duque


Geneva —The  challenges facing Colombia’s authorities and communities due to the massive flow of Venezuelan citizens arriving in that country were the principal themes addresed during talks today (19 June 2019) in Geneva, Switzerland, between the President of the Republic of Colombia, Sr. Iván Duque, and the Director of the International Organization for Migration, António Vitorino. 

Currently, the number of Venezuelan citizens is estimated at 1.3 million, according to official statistics. Additionally, there is a significant number of Venezuelan citizens transiting through Colombia towards third countries, who’s condition of vulnerability also remain high. 

Due to this situation, DG Vitorino noted his appreciation of the Government of Colombia, as well as the communities at large, for their Open Doors policies and for their gestures of solidarity towards Venezuela’s citizens. In this same way, IOM’s Director General recognizes those efforts  the Government of Colombia continues to make to promote the dignified and humane treatment of Venezuelans comprising these migration flows, especially those who are the most vulnerable. 

IOM, together with UNHCR, heads the Regional Inter-Agency Coordination Platform, comprised of 95 entities—among them agencies of the United Nations and Civil Society—to assist more than 2.2 million refugees and migrants in the región. IOM reiterates its call to the international community, issued jointly this past 4 June with UNHCR, with the aim of supporting the efforts that those countries of the región are making to promote humanitarian assistance to the most needy as well as supporting their efforts towards economic integration in  their new communities of arrival.

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