Don't Let Anyone Shatter Your Dreams

IOM Colombia and the Ricky Martin
Foundation, with funding from the Dutch Embassy in Bogotá,
have launched a counter trafficking information campaign to warn
potential Colombian migrants to be on the lookout for unscrupulous
traffickers whose earnings thrive on broken dreams.

The main focus of the new campaign is to bring
unbiased and factual information to migrants planning to migrate
through irregular channels on the risks of being duped with fake
job offers, which can end up in sexual exploitation, forced labour,
and servile marriage.

The campaign involves Public Service
Announcements (PSAs) on television featuring Ricky Martin, radio
PSAs, a short film "Natalia is leaving," which will be shown in
cinemas, and posters that will be displayed at airports and bus
terminals. A group of mime actors will also perform short plays in
ten cities around the country.

To carry the message even further, IOM has
engaged the support of the private sector and well-known
personalities, in addition to providing the media with press kits
containing relevant information on the campaign and background
information on the Colombian counter-trafficking law and on
trafficking in the country in order to help ensure responsible
reporting of the issue.

At the official launch held in the National
Museum in Bogotá, Diego Beltrand, IOM chief of mission, said
the large turnout was "proof of the commitment of the country and
the international community to uphold the dreams of all

Colombian Minister of Interior and Justice,
Sabas Pretelt de la Vega, said the President and First Lady were
passionately committed to fighting human trafficking and confessed:
"When I first joined the government, I had no idea of the extent of
human trafficking in the world or in our country. But the work of
the past few years and our new counter trafficking law is providing
more support to the victims.

The victims need to know that it is not their
fault even if he or she willingly accepted the bogus offer."

The Colombian Inter-institutional Committee
against Trafficking in Persons and the Inter-American Development
Bank also supports Don´t Let Anyone Shatter Your Dreams.

According to research published in 2006
carried out by the Administrative Department of Security (DAS), the
National Police and IOM, more than 200 Colombians were victims of
trafficking between 2002 and 2004. However, IOM believes that this
figure is not a true reflection of the scale of trafficking as most
victims don't seek help, may not be aware that they are victims of
trafficking, or because they are afraid of the traffickers.

A Call Centre that was established in 2003 as
part of IOM's first information campaign on human trafficking in
Colombia has received more than 15,000 calls. Anyone who wants
help, information, or who wants to report an incidence of
trafficking can call toll free inside Colombia (01 8000 522020), or
from anywhere in the world (57 1 6001035).

For further information, please call:

Rocio Sanz

IOM Colombia

Tel: +57.311 5619495 / 57.1.622 77 74 ext. 114

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