Essentials of Migration Management Workshop

Training on selected modules of IOM’s Essentials of Migration Management (EMM) was completed last week in Kinshasa for 28 senior officials from the Ministry of Interior’s “Direction Générale de la Migration” and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The government of Belgium funded course was delivered in French by IOM officials and covered 8 of the 32 EMM modules, chosen to illustrate the importance for the DRC to adopt a comprehensive approach to migration management.

Participants focused on issues such as border management, travel documentation inspection and international migration law.

This capacity building initiative was followed by a presentation to government officials and members of the international community of the findings of a recently completed review of national migration legislation.

The review, carried out by IOPM at the request of the government, shows that the current legislation does not reflect the current migration realities and needs to be updated to be in line with international norms.

This initiative is part of IOM’s Capacity Building for Migration Management, which aims to strengthen the capacity of the authorities to better manage migration in the DRC.

For further information, please contact:

Bob Rodrigus
IOM Kinshasa

Wendy Braeken