Euro-African Ministerial Conference on Migration and Development


Ministers and representatives from 25 EU and 53 African States, as
well as regional and international organizations, are meeting on
22-23 November in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

The event, hosted by the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab
Jamahiriya, will allow participants to discuss cooperative
approaches in the field of migration and development in order to
develop African economies, facilitate legal migration and combat
irregular migration.

In particular, the EU-Africa Ministerial Conference on Migration
and Development will address issues including:

  • Migration and development including the role of
  • Migration and peace, security and stability
  • Migration and human resources
  • Fight against irregular migration, smuggling of migrants and
    trafficking in human beings

Discussions in Tripoli will also focus on ways to organize labour
migration in the region with an emphasis on access to labour
markets for regular migrants in EU Countries.

“Regional partnerships are crucial if we are to maximize the
positive development impact of migration while at the same time
minimizing some of the negative aspects such as the brain drain,
human trafficking, migrant smuggling, exploitation, xenophobia,
racism and discrimination,” says IOM Director General Brunson
McKinley who will be addressing the conference. “The arrival
this year of large numbers of undocumented migrants, on the
Canaries and on Lampedusa highlights the need for the EU and
African States to find workable solutions to ensure migration
becomes a powerful force for development.”

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