Europe, Africa Meet on Migration and Development


The fourth technical meeting of the AENEAS 2004 Dialogue Programme,
managed by IOM and financed by the European Commission (EC), will
take place on Thursday and Friday in Marseille at the Palais du

Representatives from over 20 African and European countries, as
well as delegates from international and local NGOs will take part
in the meeting, which will focus on how migration management can
contribute to development. Speakers will include the Mayor of
Hamburg. A representative of the City of Marseille will also be

The meeting will examine the nexus between migration and
development for countries of origin and countries of destination.
The role of civil society and local authorities will also be


This event follows previous technical meetings in Niamey, Niger, in
May 2007, in Accra, Ghana in February 2008, and in Nouakchott,
Mauritania in May 2008. Training sessions also took place in Dakar,
Senegal in December 2007 and in Tripoli, Libya in June 2008.

The programme, which is funded by the EC, Belgium, Denmark,
Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, has also supported information
campaigns on the dangers of irregular migration in six West African
countries between 2007 and 2008.

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