The Government of Japan and IOM to Promote Social Cohesion in Communities Affected by Insecurity in Cabo Delgado


Maputo, Mozambique – The Government of Japan and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) have initiated a partnership, implemented in coordination with Government of Mozambique, to support social cohesion in communities affected by insecurity in Cabo Delgado.

Japan will support Mozambique through a grant (in total $93,481 USD) to IOM. This funding will strengthen peacebuilding coordination mechanisms and provide deployment of expert resources in support of IOM’s multi-donor Community Resilience and Peacebuilding (CRP) portfolio, which impacts approximately 10,500 people directly and 27,000 people indirectly.

The Government of Japan, through the Supplementary Budget, is providing catalytic funding to the CRP portfolio during the critical inception phase. The funding will provide resources for conflict-sensitivity experts to increase the impact of the programme and strengthen the programmatic pillars including community dialogue, income generation and strengthened community-police relationships. The funding will also provide support for coordination forums aimed at ensuring a united, impactful response in social cohesion and community resilience amongst various stakeholders.

“We are concerned about the increasing insecurity in Cabo Delgado, which is affecting greater numbers of people,” said the Japanese Ambassador KIMURA Hajime. “Through the partnership with IOM, the Government of Japan aims to encourage community resilience and foster peace in Cabo Delgado by supporting community dialogue and strengthening coordination mechanisms, because we strongly believe that identifying sources of conflict in communities and positive resolution mechanisms is important. Based on this intention, Japan will support Mozambique through the grant  to IOM. Japan has historically been one of the key contributors toward the development of Mozambique, and we will continue to support this country while collaborating with the international community in a positive manner.”

With record numbers of people on the move and the looming threat of COVID-19, community life in the province has been disrupted.

“This partnership comes at a critical moment for the people of Cabo Delgado, as thousands of families have been forced to flee their homes due to insecurity,” said IOM Mozambique Chief of Mission, Laura Tomm-Bonde. “Host communities in Cabo Delgado, particularly in urban areas, are seeing an influx of displaced people, which places strain on the social fabric, coping mechanisms and resources of communities. This situation is compounded by the effects of COVID-19”.

In this context, action is critical now to support communities in their effort to adapt to the changing environment and build cohesion as a means to mitigate insecurity. In light of this, IOM has established the CRP portfolio with a number of interventions aimed at strengthening communities’ abilities to prevent and manage the negative effects of violence and support processes that address the root causes of conflict.

“Host families in our area are sheltering thousands of displaced people. There are problems to provide for the most basic needs for all: water, food, health care. Conditions for schooling and availability of employment are insufficient,” said Assane Alua, from Natite community in Pemba. “On top of this is the pandemic. In crowded homes there are concerns for sanitation and hygiene, but people do not have means to improve the situation. People need to stay at home due to Corona virus, which further affects the economy.”

For more information, please contact:
Tomomi Ouchi - Embassy of Japan in Mozambique, Tel:+258-21-499-219/20 Email: or Sandra Black in IOM Mozambique, Tel: +258 852 162 278, Email: