Indonesia, IOM Launch Mentoring Programme to Boost Prosecution, Conviction of Human Traffickers

Capacity Building, Counter-Trafficking

Jakarta – The Training Centre of Indonesia’s Attorney General’s Office (BADIKLAT) and IOM Indonesia, with support from Australia’s Department of Home Affairs, have launched an e-learning mentoring programme for prosecutors to improve their effectiveness in investigating and securing convictions against human traffickers.

According to the US State Department’s 2019 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report, despite efforts to combat human trafficking, Indonesia is still a source, transit and destination country for trafficking in persons. In 2018, there were 316 trafficking cases prosecuted and 279 convictions nationwide – slightly fewer than in 2017. 

“This mentoring programme is a major breakthrough for BADIKLAT and the Attorney General’s Office. We have high expectations that the e-learning platform will make the learning and teaching process more efficient and sustainable,” said Indonesian Attorney General Drs. H. M. Prasetyo.

Since 2015, IOM Indonesia has collaborated extensively with the Attorney General’s Office. It has completed a joint legal review on handling trafficking in persons cases and conducted training programmes for 161 prosecutors throughout the archipelago.

“Building on the previous successful collaboration between BADIKLAT and IOM, we plan to replicate e-learning-based mentoring across all learning modules in the BADIKLAT system,” said Head of BADIKLAT Setia Untung Arimuladi.

In the pilot phase of the TIP mentoring programme, 14 prosecutors will be selected as protégés and paired with six mentors from BADIKLAT, the Attorney General’s Office and the National Agency for the Protection of Victims and Witnesses (LPSK).

“We hope that the 14 protégés from the pilot will in turn become mentors for other prosecutors, more people will become engaged, and as a result we will see an increase in the number of prosecuted TIP cases across Indonesia,” said IOM Indonesia Chief of Mission Louis Hoffmann.

Since 2005, IOM Indonesia has identified and assisted over 9,100 victims of human trafficking.  The majority were Indonesian nationals exploited in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East and other migrant destination countries.

For more information, please contact Among Pundhi Resi at IOM Jakarta. Tel: +62 21 57951275, Email:

  • IOM Indonesia Chief of Mission Louis Hoffmann addresses the launch of a mentoring programme to help Indonesian prosecutors convict human traffickers. Photo: IOM.