IOM and Post-Cyclone Reconstruction Cabinet Sign Cooperation Agreement


Beira - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Post-Cyclone Reconstruction Cabinet (GREPOC) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen collaboration, provide support to the people of Mozambique affected by the natural disasters of 2019, and improve resilience and preparedness of vulnerable population living in hazard-prone areas.

IOM Mozambique and GREPOC committed to work together for the reconstruction of areas impacted by natural disasters, as demonstrated in efforts over the past 3 years.

IOM has targeted the reconstruction of 2,600 resilient houses; to date more than 1,367 houses have been built with local materials, and the construction of 1,233 additional houses are ongoing.  Traditional construction techniques have been enhanced to build safer and more resilient houses. IOM has been exploring and testing in these constructions, more durable solutions that include the construction of resilient houses made of Pau e Pique (thatched housing), coral ragstone and compressed stabilized earth bricks. Local artisans and communities have been formed and oriented in “on the job” trainings that show key recommendations for stronger foundations, stronger roof connections and improved forms to use locally available materials.

The MoU is based in the Post Disaster Needs Assessment and the Housing Recovery Plan (PALPOC) and within the framework of the 5-year Disaster Recovery Framework of the Government of Mozambique.

 IOM Mozambique Chief of Mission Laura Tomm-Bonde said, “Tens of thousands of families continue to struggle to re-establish their housing and livelihoods following the 2019 cyclones. IOM is pleased to formalize our cooperation with GREPOC, to confirm our continued commitment and effort to support vulnerable families in line with the Government of Mozambique’s recovery efforts”.

“IOM has always been ready to support us, particularly to assist vulnerable populations in need of physical, social and economic reconstruction,” said Engineer Francisco Pereira, Executive Director of the Post-Cyclone Reconstruction Cabinet. “IOM is a credible organization, and has helped our country in many situations, particularly in times of emergency in support of the transfer of vulnerable families and the creation of resettlement sites. We are delighted to have you as partners.”

GREPOC brings together the actors to implement the Post-Cyclone Reconstruction Program and supporting thousands of families who continue to need housing assistance.

This agreement is part of the GREPOC long-term effort to provide support and work in cooperation with affected communities. In addition to use of local materials the IOM approach uses Build Back Safer construction techniques and assist communities through cash for work schemes  .

For more information, please contact IOM Mozambique:
Manuel Mabuiangue, phone:  +258 847345420, Email:

  • Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony between IOM and Mozambique's Post-Cyclone Reconstruction Cabinet (GREPOC). Photo: IOM

  • Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony between IOM and Mozambique's Post-Cyclone Reconstruction Cabinet (GREPOC). Photo: IOM