IOM CAR supports Peacebuilding through Non Violent Communication Trainings


Central African Republic - IOM continues supporting the peace-building process in the Central African Republic through sensitization on the importance of non-violent communication in the reconciliation process.

Eleven high-level community leaders from Bangui, Boda, Kaga Bandoro and Ndélé are being  trained by IOM to facilitate the sensitization sessions in their respective communities, a process that will continue until mid-June.  “The 11 facilitators were carefully chosen for this training. They know very well the communities’ members, local language and most important, the local context,” said Carole Sambale, expert on peace building and mediation, who facilitated the Training of the Trainers.

Some 5,000 people, including women, youth, community or religious leaders in all four districts will be targeted for the sensitization sessions.

The facilitators raise awareness on the dangers of perception, coded messages or rumors that can lead to conflict. They also use concrete examples of violent communication and show how to turn them into non-violent communication.

“Some of the participants asked us to extend the session for a few additional hours. They were very happy, interested and thankful,” said Ali Booba, one of the facilitators in Boda.

Mariam Garba, another facilitator, was persuaded that these sensitizations could prevent other conflicts from developing. “People think that only weapons are dangerous, but words fuel the conflict too. The sensitization will help changing the way people communicate.”

These activities are taking place under the EUR 10-million European Union (EU)-funded Community Stabilization Project, which aims at supporting social cohesion activities, the revitalization of local markets and the rehabilitation of communities’ infrastructures.

For further information, please contact Seve Diomande at IOM CAR Tel: +236 72 76 37 17, Email: