IOM Connects Border Information Management Systems in Guinea

Integrated Border Management

Conakry – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, earlier this week, linked two powerful border management systems enhancing its ability to monitor migration flows with six neighboring states.

At the government’s request, IOM connected its Migration Information and Data Analysis System (MIDAS) system to the United States Government’s Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System (PISCES).

“MIDAS allows Guinea to more effectively manage our borders and have a strong database for the development of its national migration policy,” said Lamine Keita, Director of the National Direction of Border Police (DCPAF).

Operational in 19 countries around the world, MIDAS helps states to regulate their borders, balancing the need for security with the economic benefits of the flow of goods and services between nations. The system collects, processes, stores and analyses traveller information in real time across an entire border network, and provides a strong statistical basis for migration-related policy development and planning. All the data collected by MIDAS is the exclusive property of the implementing nation.

IOM Guinea has been working with Guinean authorities since 2012 to overcome the challenges posed by security and border management.

As part of a USD 1,573,000 Japanese government-funded Border Management project, IOM has trained security officials, built border posts and linked the DCPAF with three border police offices through MIDAS, in Kourémalé-Guinée (Guinea-Mali), Boundou-Fourdou (Guinea-Senegal) and Pamelap (Guinea-Sierra Leone).

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