IOM Donates 22 Ambulances for Humanitarian Assistance in Yemen

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Sana’a – Over the past three months IOM, the UN Migration Agency, has donated 22 ambulances to the Ministry of Health in Yemen to strengthen health services and enhance disease surveillance across the country.

This donation is in line with IOM’s commitment to respond to what has recently been called the worst humanitarian crisis in the world by strengthening healthcare systems and preventing disease outbreak through technical and material support in Yemen.

Following the escalation of violence in Al-Hudaydah this June, IOM donated the first five ambulances to the Ministry of Health in Sana’a in July. Last week, another seven ambulances were provided to the Ministry in Sana’a, while seven ambulances are being handed over in Aden today (09/10).

Additionally, IOM is providing three fully-equipped mobile Intensive Care Units, reaching approximately 100 people monthly.

"We hope these specialized ambulances will help reduce delays in emergency response and ensure more people in Yemen receive immediate care, particularly populations in hard-to-reach areas and difficult terrains," said Aseel Khan, IOM Yemen Health Programme Coordinator.

As the humanitarian situation deteriorates, communities in Yemen are at increasing risk of cholera and other infectious diseases. Ongoing conflict in Yemen has also led to the frequent destruction and blocking of roads, inhibiting the ability for people to access health care facilities.

A lack of ambulances and other emergency services in the country has meant populations often experience life-threatening delays in receiving appropriate urgent care. By significantly reducing such delays, IOM and the Ministry of Health are committed to bringing quality healthcare services to the people of Yemen.

"This donation will contribute to improving the lives of people in Yemen, especially the vulnerable in remote areas. We will see the results of the impact of this donation before long," said Rabih Sarieddine, IOM’s Head of Sub Office in Aden.

This donation was made possible with financial support from the governments of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

For more information, please contact Saba Malme at IOM Yemen, Tel: + 967 736 800 329; Email:

  • IOM provides 22 ambulances to the Ministry of Health in Yemen. Photo: IOM/Saba Malme

  • IOM provides 22 ambulances to the Ministry of Health in Yemen. Photo: IOM/Saba Malme