IOM Holds Three-Day Training for Health Mediators in Ljubljana

Slovenia – From the 20th to the 22nd of September 2016, the Migration Health Department of the IOM Regional Office in Brussels and the IOM Slovenia country office organized a three-day training on health mediation for cultural mediators, co-funded by DG SANTE. In total, 21 participants attended the capacity building event, among them 6 cultural mediators from Slovenia, 5 cultural mediators from Croatia, and representatives of the National Institute for Public Health of Slovenia and the Asylum Centre. Lectures and workshops were delivered by a diverse group of trainers from Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Malta and Slovenia.

Participants discussed several aspects of the role and practicalities of cultural mediation in a healthcare setting, including the importance of psychological support available to cultural mediators as well as self-care in general. Workshops on the topic of specific vulnerabilities were held to familiarize participants with the needs of trafficked persons, survivors of gender-based violence (GBV), victims of torture, individuals suffering from substance abuse, and persons with disabilities.  

Trainees also discussed mental health, sexual and reproductive health, child care, and post-natal health care in relation to cultural differences and sensitivities. The most common communicable and non-communicable diseases among the migrant population and key medical terminology were presented on the final day. The training concluded with a workshop in conflict mediation.

The training forms part of IOM’s efforts to introduce a model of cultural mediation in Slovenian healthcare institutions which would increase migrants’ access to services and improve quality by providing support to medical workers as well as patients of diverse backgrounds.

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