IOM Hosts Global Meeting of Inter-State Consultation Mechanisms on Migration

Migration and Development

Geneva – Inter-State consultation mechanisms on migration are ongoing information-sharing and policy dialogues among States interested in promoting cooperation in the field of migration. They include regional consultative processes, interregional forums, and global processes on migration. The concept emerged in the 1980s, as informal dialogues to fill in the gaps of formal regional and global forums on migration. Since then they have played a significant role in contributing to the migration policy debate and enhancing cooperation in migration management and governance. 

Currently there are 31 active inter-State consultation mechanisms on migration: over 200 countries and territories are engaged with at least one, while some countries participate in as many as 10 such policy dialogues. 

The Eighth Global Meeting of Chairs and Secretariats of Inter-State Consultation Mechanisms on Migration (GRCP 8) is taking place today (05/04) in Geneva, Switzerland. This year’s event will focus on the important and often pioneering role of these State-led policy dialogues in advancing a common understanding of migration governance.  

The meeting will bring together representatives of 28 inter-State consultation mechanisms on migration. Participants will consider the achievements of these consultations over the past few decades, and their renewed role in the modern era of migration governance.  

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) engages with various regional, interregional and global dialogues on migration around the world and since 2005 it has endeavoured to bring them together on a regular basis to encourage interactions among the various dialogues (previous meetings were held in Thailand, Peru, Botswana and Egypt). 

The outcome document of the meeting will acknowledge the policy impact, sustainable structures, and partnership models of these dialogues, and reinforce the continued relevance of these consultations.  

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  • IOM Director General António Vitorino delivers his remarks at the GRCP 8 meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. Photo: IOM 2019/Natalie Oren