IOM Indonesia Project Wins World Bank Accolade


The annual World Bank Financial and Private Sector Development
Forum (FPD) has selected a post-earthquake livelihood project
implemented by IOM in Central Java and Yogyakarta as one of the
world's most innovative projects for crisis recovery and job

The project, which will be presented with 19 others on March 2-3
at this year's Forum in Washington D.C., has been helping 3,000
micro- and small enterprises (MSE) in Yogyakarta and Central Java
Provinces in regaining and enhancing their productive capacities
following the disastrous 2006 earthquake.

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Targeting the livestock, crop production, textile and food
processing and handicraft sectors, IOM has provided essential
productive assets, technical and business development training,
while also facilitating the beneficiaries' access to finance.

"The main innovative element of this project is the combination
of individual MSE selection, training and asset support with
attention to the needs of small-producer groups and village
communities," said IOM Project Manager Johan Grundberg.

Administered by the World Bank, this project is part of a wider
post-disaster rehabilitation programme funded through the
multi-donor Java Reconstruction Fund (JRF).

The trust fund was established in order to organize a pool of
fund from the European Union, the Netherlands, Canada, the United
Kingdom, Denmark, Finland and ADB to support the government's
rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts of the 2006 earthquake,
which affected more than 30,000 small businesses and destroyed or
damaged 200,000 houses.

According to JRF Trust Fund Manager, Shamima Khan, "IOM's
innovative grassroots approach has boosted the productivity and
efficiency of small enterprises. It has also promoted community
resilience and sustainability through disaster risk reduction and
building of government capacity."   

This project will continue to build the capacity of target
communities, local government and civil society to prepare for and
address potential future natural disasters and other macro-economic
shocks, ensuring long-term sustainability of the project's

For further reference of this project, a recently released video
documentary can be viewed in the "paragraph-link-no-underline" href=
target="_blank">Java Reconstruction Fund website or directly
on YouTube ( "" target="_blank" title=
"">Part 1, "" target="_blank" title=
"">Part 2 and "" target="_blank" title=
"">Part 3).

Other relevant websites: href="" target="_blank" title=
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For more information, please contact:

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