IOM Launches Portal to Map Mauritanian Diaspora


Mauritania - With a population of 3.9 million, Mauritania has over 200,000 nationals living abroad, according to a 2012 survey by the Mauritanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This week the country launched an important tool to map that overseas population.

The UN Migration Agency (IOM) in Mauritania presented its new portal for mapping the Mauritanian diaspora on 28 May. The event, attended by the Mauritanian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Sidi Ould Salem, also provided an opportunity for experts from Morocco and Senegal to share their tools and the lessons learned on diaspora engagement.

Salem said: "We are hopeful to obtain through this tool, a specific legal framework for the mobilization of highly skilled Mauritanian diaspora."

Developed with funding from the IOM Development Fund, the tool will be managed and updated by officials of the Ministry of Higher Education. It will provide the location of qualified Mauritanian nationals abroad and assess their willingness to contribute to the national development of their home country.

Members of the diaspora wishing to register themselves can do so very easily. They can create a profile including, for example, a résumé which can be updated as required. Those registered will be able to respond to government announcements published on this portal.

Anke Strauss, IOM Mauritania Chief of Mission added: "I cannot emphasize enough the importance for Mauritania to mobilize its diaspora by stressing that this project is in line with the IOM Diaspora mobilization strategy that revolves around the 3 Es (Engage, Enable, Empower)."

Next steps include a broad outreach campaign to inform the Mauritanian diaspora on the launch of the portal. Soon, the portal will be also accessible for the project Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals.

For further information, please contact Momme Ducros, IOM Mauritania, at Tel: +222 36 36 04 50, Email:


  • Attendees at Launch of IOM Portal to Map Mauritanian Diaspora. Photo: IOM