IOM Launches Updated Response Plan for Mediterranean and Beyond

Missing Migrants

Switzerland - IOM has released an update to its June 2015 response plan “Addressing Complex Migration Flows in the Mediterranean.” It includes a series of proposed interventions to be implemented through December 2016, some of which are already underway, others are still at the planning stage.

The plan presents IOM’s proposed interventions and reaffirms the collective responsibility of states, institutions and organizations to respond to the situation that the international community is facing in Europe and beyond, in a manner that is centered on the protection of migrants’ rights, as well as enhanced partnership between all concerned stakeholders.

The document details four pillars of a coordinated response, which will be implemented across multiple locations in Europe, parts of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East and North Africa.

The four core pillars and objectives are:

  1. Protecting migrants’ rights. Recognizes the need to reduce loss of life and human suffering during and as a result of migration and protect the human rights of all migrants.
  2. Addressing drivers of irregular and forced migration. Recognizes the need to reduce negative contributing factors to irregular and forced migration and enable an informed choice between migrating safely and finding local alternatives.
  3. Promoting safe, orderly and dignified human mobility. Recognizes the need to create the conditions for migration to take place in safe, orderly and dignified ways.
  4. Strengthening partnerships for inclusive growth and sustainable development. Recognizes the need to create the structural conditions and make systemic changes needed to enable positive outcomes of migration for all involved. 

The plan integrates required action across areas of origin, transit and destination. Full implementation of the plan and the effectiveness of the results will be contingent upon mobilizing the required financial resources, which IOM estimates at US$780 million through 31 December 2016.

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Migrants and refugees in the Greek island of Lesbos. © IOM/Amanda Nero 2015