IOM Organizes Singapore Study Tour for Cambodian Consular Officers


IOM has organized a study tour to Singapore for Cambodian Consular
Officers under a consular capacity building project funded by

The study tour, a part of IOM's Consular Enhancement Project,
was designed to help the Cambodian Consular Department to detect
irregular migration and develop practical responses to combating
terrorism and trans-border crime in Cambodia and in the region.

The Cambodian delegation, headed by the Director of the Legal
and Consular Department, was first briefed by the Singapore Home
Team Academy (HTA), a department set up under the Ministry of Home
Affairs to provide training on security matters relating to
intelligence in counter-terrorism, crisis management and

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), as the agency
responsible for the security of Singapore's borders, briefed the
Cambodians on innovative enforcement of immigration, registration
and goods-related laws.

IOM in cooperation with the Singaporean International Centre for
Political Violence and Terrorism Research also organized a two-day
training course on counter-terrorism and trans-border crime for the

"The training helped the Cambodian Consular Officers to assess
the current terrorist and trans-border crime threat in Cambodia by
showing them how it is done very effectively in Singapore," says
IOM project manager Giuseppe Crocetti.

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