IOM Resumes Candidate Selection in El Salvador and Honduras for Labour Migration to Canada


IOM offices in El Salvador and Honduras are this week conducting
initial interviews for the IOM-managed labour migration programme
with Maple Leaf Foods in Canada.

"This is the first recruitment in Central America for Maple Leaf
of Canada since 2009. It is a very positive sign for IOM and
certainly for the hundreds of applicants we are seeing this week in
both countries," said Norberto Girón, IOM Chief of Mission
for El Salvador and Honduras.

The 265 male and female workers requested by Maple Leaf (135
from El Salvador and 130 from Honduras) will receive two-year
contracts and are ensured earnings above the current minimum wage
in the provinces where the plants are located.

After receiving the request from the employer, IOM works with
the authorities in the countries of origin to place advertisements
in the local media. This is followed by the initial processing and
screening of applications, pre- selection interviews, and medical
check-ups. The final selection is carried out by the employer
during a face-to-face interview with the candidates pre-selected by

After candidates are selected, IOM provides assistance in
gathering documents and filling in forms to obtain travel
documents, in case of questions regarding their employment
contracts, carries out medical exams, language training and
cultural orientation.

There are currently 864 Salvadorians and 278 Hondurans working
in Maple Leaf plants in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

IOM has carried out similar labour migration projects for Maple
Leaf in Colombia and Mauritius.

Maple Leaf Foods is a Canadian-based food processing company
with 21,000 employees across Canada, the United States, the United
Kingdom and Asia, and Mexico.

For more information please contact:

Yulissa Guevara

IOM El Salvador

Tel: +503 2 25 21 0500

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Evelyn Andino

IOM Honduras

Tel: +504 220.11.00

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IOM staff conducts initial interviews in El Salvador and Honduras for the IOM-managed labour migration programme with Maple Leaf Foods in Canada. © IOM 2012