IOM Seeks Funding for Stranded Migrants in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


IOM is seeking EUR 1,250,000 to continue providing humanitarian
assistance to thousands of stranded migrants in the Libyan Arab

The country, with extensive land and sea borders, remains the
main corridor for Sub-Saharan African and Asian nationals
attempting to reach Europe, especially during the period of calm
seas during the summer.

Over the past two years IOM has provided an assisted voluntary
return and reintegration (AVRR) package to over 2,500 migrants
stranded in Libya en route to Europe. The reintegration element of
the package enables migrants to start an income-generating activity
after they return home.

But EU and Italian funding for the programme will end on July
31st. Switzerland has pledged CHF 200,000 to ensure the
project’s survival in the short term, but unless additional
money is found, it will be forced to close.

An Assisted Voluntary Return Facility which IOM opened in
Tripoli in March 2008 under the same programme is also at risk. The
centre provides help and advice for migrants and facilitates
voluntary return, and is used as training facility for Libyan
officials and NGO partners.

Libya joined IOM in 2004 and is an active member of the Western
Mediterranean and Euro–Africa Dialogues on Migration.

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