IOM Signs Cooperation Agreement with Chilean Federation of Industry

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Chile - The UN Migration Agency (IOM) yesterday (24/05) signed a cooperation agreement with the Chilean Federation of Industry (Spanish abbreviation: SOFAFA). The agreement, signed in Santiago, Chile, seeks to ensure the implementation of specific projects, establish technical committees and consulting arrangements in the business sector related to migration in Chile.

As the world faces unprecedented human mobility, more people than ever live outside their country of birth and they represent an important labour force that businesses now need to consider more than ever before.

Chile is affected by this phenomenon of migration, which represents an opportunity for development in distinct sectors in the country, given that migration brings professionals and qualified personnel in several areas.  The business sector therefore needs to be recognised as a key actor in ensuring migration contributes to sustainable development in line with Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

In this context, SOFAFA and IOM Chile’s cooperation agreement seeks to pursue a better approach to migration issues in an objective manner that builds on international experiences.

“Chile’s business sector sees migration as an opportunity. This has been demonstrated on multiple occasions. This agreement ratifies the will to incorporate those who arrive in Chile in search of opportunities, into the Chilean economy in a safe, orderly and regulated manner.  We are ready to contribute and open the necessary spaces to accompany Chilean businesses in this process,” said Norberto Girón, IOM Chile Chief of Mission.

For his part, the president of SOFOFA, Hermann von Mühlenbrock, said “We need to maintain an attitude of openness and not fall into the trap of discriminating against those who bring capital, work and ideas that can contribute to economic development.”

IOM Chile is building strong collaborative links with the private sector, in areas as diverse as fruit production and harvesting, tourism, the hotel industry, manufacturing and mining.  This agreement will facilitate new working alliances and cooperation destined to increase understanding amongst businesses and society of the value and contribution of migration to sustainable development in Chile.

SOFOFA is a not-for-profit business association that brings together business and trade unions connected to the Chilean industrial sector. It is the largest business entity in the country, made up of more than 4,000 business, 43 sectorial associations and 23 regional trade unions.

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IOM Chile and the Chilean Federation of Industry SOFOFA sign important collaboration and cooperation agreement