IOM Supports Development of New Financial Literacy App for the Caribbean

Guyana - “$mart Finance,” a new financial literacy App targeting young people between the ages of 15 to 35, was launched last week by the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU) under the framework of the ACP-EU Migration Action, a programme implemented by IOM.

The “$mart Finance” App allows users to learn the basics of budgeting and financial planning in a fun and interactive way, thus contributing directly to the improvement of the lives of migrants, their families and communities. The app also includes a financial glossary, video content and useful articles to learn on the go.

“The launching of this digital tool recognizes that improved financial literacy can help individuals and families to save and plan with received remittances and other funds,” said Robert Natiello, IOM Regional Coordinator for the Caribbean.

While originally developed for the Caribbean context, the App is a useful tool for any English-speaker to improve their financial literacy skills and is freely available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

The App was developed with financial support made available through the programme targeted at non-State Actors in Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP). Non-State actors are encouraged to implement initiatives in the fields of remittances, visas, readmission, trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants – key areas of the ACP-EU Dialogue on Migration and Development.

The ACP-EU Migration Action is an initiative of the ACP Secretariat and the European Union (EU) which is being implemented by IOM with funding from the EU. It offers technical assistance on visas, remittances, readmission, trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants to the African, Caribbean and Pacific States and regional organizations.

For more information, please contact Jermaine Grant or Nathalie Hanley at IOM Guyana, Tel:  +592 225 37 45, Email: or