IOM Supports Government Implementation of Biometric Identity and Travel Documents in Armenia


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) have
joined efforts to assist the Government of the Republic of Armenia
(RA) to modernise and improve the country's identification and
travel document systems.  The initiative stems from a request
from the Armenian Police and Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and is in support of the March 2008 Presidential Order "On the
Conception for Migration Systems of the Republic of Armenia and for
Introduction of the System of Electronic Passports and
Identification Cards with Biometric Parameters in the Republic of
Armenia".  The Order calls for implementation of electronic
passports and identification cards with biometric parameters
beginning in 2011.

The joint IOM-OSCE project entitled "Support to the Armenian
Government in Introduction of Identity and Travel Documents with
Biometric Parameters" seeks to develop a national action plan for
introducing an electronically enabled machine-readable passport in
accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization
(ICAO) in Armenia.

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The action plan will serve as a detailed roadmap for the
Armenian Government when introducing the new identity and travel
documents.  In addition, project activities include: expert
consultations with governmental authorities and development of a
needs assessment; a training programme on Biometrics and ID
management for key government departments; and a study visit to
European countries having passport and identification documents
with biometric parameters. IOM international experts are currently
working with specialists from the E-Governance Infrastructure
Implementation Unit to finalize the current technical requirements
for the e-passport and e-ID card.

The Project is funded by the IOM 1035 Facility and the OSCE
Secretariat, Action against Terrorism Unit (ATU), and is intended
to support the facilitation of regional movement outlined in the
European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) Armenia Action Plan and the EU
Eastern Partnership Project.

Project partners include the Armenian Police, Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy and its E-Governance
Infrastructure Implementation Unit, the Central Bank, National
Security Service, Ministry of Justice Civil Status Acts
Registration Agency, Civil Aviation General Department, State
Revenues Committee, and the National Assembly.

More information on IOM's work in the field of identity
management is available at: href=
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For more information, please contact:

Kristina Galstyan

IOM Armenia

Tel: +374 10 585692, Ext. 112

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