IOM Turkey Helps Resettle Over 21,000 Refugees in 2016

Turkey - In 2016 IOM Turkey’s refugee resettlement program moved 21,120 refugees from Turkey to new homes abroad. This was double the previous year’s total and the largest number of refugees ever resettled by IOM Turkey in a single year. 

The top three destination countries were the United States (nearly 8,500), Canada (over 7,000) and European countries (approximately 4,800). Women and children accounted for 73 percent of the refugees resettled.

Syrians accounted for nearly 62 percent (13,178) of the refugees resettled, followed by Iraqis (24 percent) and Iranians (9 percent). 

As the conflict in Syria continues into its sixth year, Turkey now hosts the largest refugee population in the world with approximately 3.1 million refugees or individuals seeking international protection within its borders. This is roughly three times the number of migrants and refugees who crossed into all of Europe in 2015, a year in which a record one million people made the perilous journey. 

“Each year, we see an increased demand for resettlement places from people seeking international protection. Demand far outstrips supply. While I’m heartened to see that the number of resettlements doubled last year, more still needs to be done,” said IOM Turkey Chief of Mission Lado Gvilava.

“The responsibility to assist those seeking international protection should be shared more equitably across the world. The international community can and should offer more legal pathways, including resettlement, family reunifications and student visas, especially for the most vulnerable,” he added.

IOM Turkey works with national governments to facilitate refugee resettlement around the world.  Each resettlement program is adapted to the country’s specific needs and may include basic registration, biometrics, logistical support, interpretation, medical support, accommodation assistance, transportation and cultural orientation.

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