IOM Welcomes Turkey’s Turquoise Card System


Turkey - IOM welcomes the Turkish Government’s announcement of the Turquoise Card System, a new point-based identification system to promote the employment of skilled foreigners in Turkey.

With over 3.5 million migrants and refugees living in Turkey, many of whom hold professional qualifications, the Turquoise Card system will grant holders the right to work and residency in Turkey.

This new system, managed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MoLSS), aims to attract migrants with strong educational and professional experience, investors, scientists, researchers, and those who contribute to the international recognition or promotion of Turkey and its culture.

“Migration, when properly managed, can have significant positive impacts on the economy.  Through the Turquoise Card programme, Turkey is taking a step towards even stronger labour market integration,” said Can Aydin, project assistant at IOM Turkey.

In Turkey, IOM supports the Turkish government to reduce irregular migration and promote regular employment and social integration of foreigners.  IOM Turkey has worked closely with the MoLSS and the Directorate General for Migration Management to identify national priorities in labour migration management. This also will help set baselines to address these priorities in upcoming IOM-Government of Turkey initiatives through the identification of the gaps in the labour market in Turkey, the creation of materials to promote registered employment, the development of an interactive and government-owned website as well as the creation of a tailor-made training programme for policymakers to promote strategies that would facilitate higher formal employment rates in Turkey.

Download the guides on Step by Step Work Permit Application:

For further information, please contact Abby Dwommoh, IOM Turkey, Tel: +90 312 454 3048, Email: or Can Aydin, Tel: +90 312 454 3019, Email: