IOM/Saatchi and Saatchi Win Award


IOM' s anti-trafficking public service announcement (PSA) won the Best Overall Award at South Africa's 9th MultiChoice VUKA! Awards this week.

The TV spot was the product of a fruitful collaboration between IOM and international advertising firm, Saatchi and Saatchi. Created pro bono by Lesley Anne Roe of Saatchi & Saatchi and directed by Amy Alais of Fresh Eye Film Productions in Johannesburg, the PSA also walked away with the best soundtrack award. Both awards were won in the Professional Category.

Focusing on a girl in Zambia being lured into prostitution in South Africa with the false promise of becoming a model, the PSA encourages viewers to ‘see the truth' and to call IOM's counter-trafficking helpline for South Africa – 0800 555 999.

"We were touched by the IOM's work and the difference it makes to women who are trapped in appalling conditions," said Grant Meldrum, Managing Director of Saatchi & Saatchi South Africa, explaining why his company became involved in the project.

"This hard-hitting PSA captures the evil realities of human trafficking and shows how ruthless traffickers shatter the hopes and dreams of their victims," says Karen Blackman, Information Specialist for IOM's Southern African Counter-Trafficking Assistance Programme (SACTAP). "Human trafficking is happening in Southern Africa today, but awareness levels remain worryingly low."

The advert has so far been aired on South African channels SABC 1, SABC 2, SABC 3 and ETV in primetime slots, as well as DSTV, which broadcasts throughout Southern Africa.

During the two weeks of its broadcast at the end of May 2007, the advert resulted in increased calls to IOM's helpline.

As part of the reward for winning these awards, MultiChoice will screen the PSA free of charge on a range of DSTV channels throughout 2008.

MultiChoice is a premium television entertainment provider, broadcasting 70 video, over 40 audio and 28 radio channels, and more than 6 data channels, 24 hours a day on its DSTV platform. 

Says Jacki Rikotla, Corporate Affairs General Manager of Multichoice: "Every year we dare aspiring and professional filmmakers and advertising creatives to put their skills and energy into making an advert that counts for our society. And every year without hesitation they meet and surpass that challenge."

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