Mauritanian Police, Gendarmes Study Border Management and Migration

Capacity Building, Integrated Border Management

Mauritania - IOM Mauritania is hosting a border management and migration workshop for 20 police and gendarmes on 26-29 October in Mauritania’s economically important northern port city of Nouadhibou.

Located on the Atlantic on the border with its northern neighbour, Western Sahara, Nouadhibou’s sea and land borders serve as the point of arrival or departure for many of West Africa’s migrants. 

 "The decision to hold this training in Nouadhibou is strategic,” explained Anke Strauss, IOM Chief of Mission in Mauritania.  “Nouadhibou, given its location, has seen large numbers of migrants seeking to move by land into Morocco or by sea to Europe.  While the flow of migrants through the area has slowed in recent months, the area still serves as a frequent point of departure.”

The workshop will train 20 police and gendarmes in Nouadhibou on key concepts of border management and migration.  The workshop is part of a national two-year, European Union (EU)-funded IOM project to increase the capacity of Mauritanian security officials in key concepts of border management relating to migration.

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