Myanmar officials undergo training to improve labour migration


Thailand - IOM specialists have conducted labour migration training for 18 officials from the Myanmar Ministry of Labour in Bangkok, Thailand.

The officials all work in the area of labour migration management and policy and were selected by the Mekong Region Law Centre, which organized the workshop.

The training covered migrant protection, health and international cooperation, all of which are highly relevant in light of the changes happening in Myanmar, and the creation of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.

Participants also discussed the challenges that they face in day-to-day facilitation of labour migration from Myanmar.

“The knowledge and experience passed on will enable participants to help their country to manage labour migration-related matters and cope with associated challenges,” says IOM Asia-Pacific regional labour migration specialist Yuko Hamada.

The programme was part of the Mekong Region Law Center (MRLC) Training Workshop on Labour Migration Management and Policy, which is funded by Thailand Development International Cooperation Agency (TICA).

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