New Agreement on Counter-Trafficking


A cooperation agreement signed between IOM and the Tajik government
this week will allow greater interaction between the two parties on
combating human trafficking in the country.

The agreement enables IOM to officially become a member of the
country's Inter-governmental Commission on Counter-Trafficking made
up of 15 ministries, with full voting rights.

It also allows for exchange of human trafficking data,
collaboration on counter-trafficking   programmes
including information campaigns and victim assistance, and the
development of national legislation on counter-trafficking.

An IOM draft of the first ever State Plan on Counter-Trafficking
has been approved by relevant Tajik ministries and has been
submitted to President Rakhmanov for signature shortly.

Tajikistan is a source country for men, women and children
trafficked to Russia, Kazakhstan and various Middle East countries
for sexual exploitation and forced labour.

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