Peru’s National Migration Policy Includes IOM’s Migration Governance Framework

Migration Policy

Peru – The Government of Peru recently enacted a decree which approves the National Migration Policy 2017-2025, in response to the challenges of "the growing decision of millions of Peruvians to migrate to other societies and that of citizens of the whole world, who attracted by the development of the country, migrate to Peru looking for new opportunities."

This first National Migration Policy "has considered the principles, objectives and guidelines of the Migration Governance Framework" approved by IOM Member States in 2015, recognizing international human rights standards, placing the well-being and social inclusion of the migrants at the center of state policies.

Jose Ivan Davalos, IOM Peru Chief of Mission, welcomed Peru's important advances in establishing an institutional and programmatic framework for migration governance. The progress has been particularly visible since 2011 through the creation of the Intersectoral Work Group for Migration Management (MTIGM in Spanish) and recently with the modernization of migration legislation and the approval of this first National Migration Policy 2017-2025.

“The National Migration Policy recently approved is an important reference for the region and sets the agenda for more effective actions on behalf of migrants and their families,” said Davalos.

The development of the National Migration Policy was initiated in September 2015 within the framework of the joint work of the MTIGM and IOM through the project Strengthening Migration Management in Peru funded by the IOM Development Fund.

Subsequently, during 2016, IOM continued to provide technical assistance to the institutions involved in developing the National Migration Policy, as well as its Implementation Plan, which is also expected to be approved shortly.

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The Government of Peru recently approved the National Migration Policy 2017-2025, which includes principles, objectives and guidelines of the Migration Governance Framework approved by IOM Member States. Photo: IOM