Reducing Irregular Migration

The British government has signed an agreement with the IOM Mission
in Afghanistan to fund a US$ 283,000 public information campaign to
reduce irregular migration.

The project aims to raise awareness of the dangers of irregular
migration, counter misconceptions about irregular migration, and to
publicize information on possibilities of regular migration.

The IOM mission in Afghanistan will carry out a pre-campaign
survey in order to identify target groups and their geographic
locations within Afghanistan as well as help determine the best
campaign strategy. In partnership with Afghan media and relevant
ministries such as the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, IOM will
then use mass media such as television, radio and billboards to
disseminate the information. Part of this will include a road show
that will feature plays highlighting the dangers of irregular
migration. Other activities will include the carrying out of
question and answer sessions in key locations throughout the

The one-year programme covering Kabul and Afghan provinces most
affected by irregular migration will also raise awareness of common
trafficking scenarios that impact on both men and women such as
incidents that may lead up to forced marriages, kidnapping, sexual
exploitation and forced labour.

Decades of war, drought and lawlessness have made living
conditions in Afghanistan extremely difficult and many people are
tempted into selling whatever they have to fund their way out of
the country with the assistance of people smugglers.

For further information, please contact:

Rahilla Zafar

IOM Kabul

Tel: +93 20 22 01104

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