Regional Counter-Trafficking Training for Law Enforcement Officials

IOM experts are training 32 law enforcement officials from
Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay on the causes and the
unique techniques needed to investigate cases of human trafficking.

The two-week counter trafficking training began on 16 January
and is part a course organized by the International Law Enforcement
Academy (ILEA) for law enforcement officials.

The training is designed to strengthen the capacity of relevant
authorities to more effectively assist victims of trafficking and
combat the phenomenon through a comprehensive and high-quality

The 32 participants, divided into four teams, will be tasked to
work on hypothetical human trafficking cases from beginning to

The training will focus on defining human trafficking and how it
occurs, on profiles of traffickers and on methods to identify
victims of trafficking, on how to gather trafficking intelligence,
on government and law enforcement responses and how to enhance
cooperation at the national and international level. Tested
investigative and partnership techniques also will be discussed and

IOM experts conducted a similar training in June 2005 at an ILEA
course held in Quito, Ecuador. The United States Trafficking in
Persons Office (G/TIP) funds this training.

For further information, please contact:

Dolores Cortes

IOM Lima

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