Security Conditions at Tripoli Port Likely to Delay Docking of IOM Chartered Boat


Poor security conditions at the port in the Libyan capital,
Tripoli, will delay the docking of an IOM-chartered boat, which had
been due to arrive later today.

The boat was to carry out an initial evacuation of 300 migrants
stranded in the city by the violence.

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IOM will maintain a ship off the Tripoli coast until security
conditions have improved and the safety of staff and migrants can
be guaranteed.

"We urgently call on all parties to allow IOM to carry out its
humanitarian work in safety and begin evacuating the many thousands
of migrants who want to leave Tripoli," says William Lacy Swing,
IOM Director General.

Although there are no clear figures on the overall number of
migrants still in Tripoli and how many in total want to be
evacuated, several thousands had registered for assistance in
recent days.

Many more, including Sub-Saharan Africans who live on the
outskirts of Tripoli and who have not been able to reach embassies,
might also require assistance.

With fighting between government and rebel forces continuing in
the city and with migrants scattered around Tripoli, IOM is calling
for both parties to ensure migrants are allowed to safely make
their way to the port for evacuation once the IOM boat is able to

"We have seen with our Misrata operations at the height of the
conflict there that migrants were often the innocent victims of the
violence. This must not be the case again," Swing adds.

For further information, please contact:

Jean Philippe Chauzy

Tel: + 41 22 717 9361/+41 79 285 4366

Email: "">

Jemini Pandya

IOM Geneva

Tel: + 41 22 717 9486/+ 41 79 217 3374

Email: "">

Jumbe Omari Jumbe

Tel: + 41 22 717 9405/+ 41 79 812 7734

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