Seychelles, IOM Move to Combat Human Trafficking

Mauritius - The Seychelles this week launched a media campaign to combat human trafficking as part of a project supported by the government and funded by the IOM Development Fund.

The campaign aims to help the general public and local NGOs better understand human trafficking and identify actual or potential victims. As part of the project, IOM also trained local media in the sensitive reporting of trafficking stories and the protection of victims.

“Seychelles has made progress in the past year in combating this heinous crime,” said Yitna Getachew of IOM’s Southern Africa Regional Office. “The promulgation of a Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons Act is a major step in the right direction and the fact that it is complemented by a National Plan of Action is truly encouraging. We also commend the government for its commitment to develop tools that will allow implementation of concrete counter trafficking initiatives. IOM is committed to continue providing necessary support as needed in this regard.”

The precise nature and extent of trafficking in Seychelles is not known, due to a lack of systematic data collection and research. But reports suggest that victims may go undetected while experiencing exploitation in various industries including hospitality, construction and fishing.

 IOM, in cooperation with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC, helped the Seychelles government to develop its National Action Plan to combat trafficking. IOM and UNODC, in cooperation with the SADC Gender Unit, will this week provide technical support to the government to develop a national referral mechanism and standard operating procedures for trafficking cases. 

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