South American Skilled Migration and Development Seminar Opens in Buenos Aires

Labour Migration, Migration and Development

Argentina - IOM and the International Network on Migration and Development (RIMD) organize a regional seminar to discuss skilled migration and development in South America in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The meeting brings together government representatives from South American countries, international organizations, civil society, academia, representatives of regional integration mechanisms such as the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) and skilled migration and development experts.

The seminar aims to enhance knowledge of the topic and raise awareness of its importance in the South American region. It will also seek to facilitate cooperation between countries of the region to contribute to the development and implementation of public policies, strategies and programs to capitalize on the potential of skilled migration.

Participants will analyse issues including the knowledge economy and talent mobility, as well as the importance of links with skilled diasporas abroad. The analysis will be based on the experiences of countries including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Scotland, Mexico and New Zealand.

Recent studies by IOM and the Latin American Economic System indicate that there are approximately 400,000 skilled South American migrants abroad. But analysis at the regional level is still incomplete due to a lack of reliable data and public policies that do not fully address the challenges and opportunities posed by the links between skilled migration and development.

Skilled migrants can transfer their competences to others, leading them to create new products or services. Similarly, they can support the strengthening of institutions of higher education and innovation systems. They can also convert ideas into innovative products or services and promote foreign investment and business creation, including support for entrepreneurs and small businesses in their countries of origin.

IOM Regional Director for South America Diego Beltrand said that IOM supports the efforts currently being made by the South American countries to collect data and make contact with skilled migrants, as well as some programs to attract them.

“Today it is more feasible to track the movement of talent in developing countries, thanks to the technology. The design and implementation of appropriate public policies around skilled migration will also boost its positive impact and will benefit the region,” he noted.

The Executive Director of the RIMD Juan Artola said: “We need a better understanding of skilled people’s mobility in the global economy, as well as the development of policies to benefit from the experience and knowledge of skilled migrant workers in the world. A regional mobility program of professionals and students would be a great starting point.”

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