Strengthening Venezuelans’ Labour Integration in the Private Sector in Chile

Labour Migration

Santiago – Natura, a Brazilian company considered one of Latin America’s leading cosmetics manufacturers, is known throughout the region for its commitment to sustainability and diversity. 

Through its subsidiary in Chile, it’s now known as well for its efforts to support the labour integration of migrants and refugees in that country. 

As part of this engagement, International Organization for Migration delivered on Valentine’s Day (14/02) a training workshop to enhance resilience of migrant workers. The training was carried out for 12 Venezuelans, who currently comprise the largest group of foreign-born employees among Natura workers in Natura’s Chilean unit. 

This activity was developed thanks to IOM's work with UN Women Chile and its Win-Win program to promote integration, quality of life and generate an inclusive environment. 

"We thank the Chileans who receive, welcome and help Venezuelans to position themselves in the labour market, since the main challenge we have is how we adapt to a different culture, contributing with the experience and knowledge that we bring from our country," said María Erminia Mirena, a Venezuelan who has worked for the Natura team for the last three months. 

Chile’s Ministry of the Interior and the National Institute of Statistics of Chile recently revealed that, as of 31 December 2018, 1,251,225 foreigners reside in the country, representing 6.6 per cent of the total population. Of that total, Venezuelans predominate (23 per cent), for the first time in Chile’s history surpassing even the number of migrants from neighbouring Perú (17.9 per cent).  

Natura, present in Chile with more than 230 workers, has operations in the largest countries in Latin America, including Argentina, Perú, Colombia and México, creating job opportunities for more than 6,800 people. Within this context, it seeks to promote flexible work and cultural environments that allow the expression of all types of diversity. 

"The initiative that we are jointly promoting with Natura in Chile is innovative as the workforce includes professionals from Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, Bolivia, France, among other countries. This activity is a good practice that can be replicated to the rest of the countries in our region,” explained IOM Chile Chief of Mission, Norberto Girón. 

Natura Chile's Human Resources Manager, Maria Sol de Cabo, said: "It is very important for us to partner with an international organization such as IOM. We firmly believe that to meet society's needs and achieve changes in it, it is essential to generate partnerships to carry out robust projects to support the migrant population and give them the best tools with experts and references.” 

For more information, please contact: José Estay at IOM Chile, Tel. + (56) 2 2963 3711, Email: or Carolina Fuentes at IOM Chile, Tel. + (56) 2 2963 3738, Email:


  • Venezuelans are currently the largest group of foreigner workers in the cosmetics manufacturer Natura in Chile. Photo: Natura