Syrian and Lebanese Professionals Graduate from IOM-Lebanese University


Syria - 32 professionals from Syria and Lebanon graduated Monday from IOM-Lebanese University with a master degree in “Psychosocial Support and Dialogue”.

This Executive Professional Master was offered to Syrian and Lebanese professionals psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, counsellors, public health specialists and artists to broaden their knowledge on  psychosocial issues related to displacement, migration and conflict stricken societies.

They were taught, by international experts from Italy, the UK, Chile, France, the US, Japan, Lebanon and Syria the relationship between psychosocial support and dialogue in a conflict-affected environment. The master offered an opportunity to professionals to extend their expertise at an advanced level in psychosocial issues, dialogue and creative and ritual interventions.

The graduates are currently providing psychological assistance to war-affected communities.

The master is part of a wider programme called “Psychological Support to Crisis-Affected, Displaced and Migrant Youth and their Families in Syria and Neighbouring Countries” which has trained some 1,290 psychosocial professionals and community workers in both Lebanon and Syria since June 2013 to support over 220,000 displaced Syrian young people and their families in Syria and Lebanon.

The course was funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Directorate General for Development Cooperation.

The graduation ceremony took place at the Lebanese University in presence of the Lebanese University president, the director of the Italian Cooperation Office in Lebanon Mr.  Gianandrea Sandri, the Masters faculty, and the Masters Scientific Supervisor and Head of Mental Health, Psychosocial Response and Intercultural Communication Section Mr. Guglielmo Schininà.

“This master will help professionals in Syria and Lebanon to acquire in-depth knowledge in themes related to psychosocial support, conflict resolution, non-violent communication, reconciliation  and dialogue in order to build healthy societies and enhance the participants capacities to provide assistance to the affected population” Says IOM Psychosocial Program Manager in Lebanon and Syria, Amal Ataya.

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