Training on EU Migration Laws to Help Armenia in Managing Labour Migration to Europe

Training on EU migration laws is being carried out this week by IOM
for Armenian officials working on migration issues as part of
efforts to help the country better manage labour migration to the
European Union.

It includes information on the EU Common Asylum Policy, free
movement in the EU, regular and irregular migration in the EU, as
well as human rights protection in the EU.

The training this week builds on previous sessions earlier in
the month on Bilateral, Regional and Multilateral Arrangements for
Labour Migration.

It is part of a 1.9 million EU-funded programme carried out by
IOM and the think-tank International Centre for Human Development
to improve the management of labour migration flows from Armenia to
Europe partly through the creation of a temporary or circular
migration environment between the two parties.

The programme also aims to promote bi-lateral labour agreements
between Armenia and governments of EU destination countries.

The training comes at a particularly important moment with
on-going negotiations between the EU and Armenia on a Mobility
Partnership aimed at fighting irregular migration from Armenia in
exchange for enhanced legal migration opportunities for Armenians
wanting to live and work in Europe.

For more information, please contact:

Kristina Galstyan

IOM Armenia

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