UN Migration Agency Raises Awareness of Forced Migration at Seoul Event

Counter-Trafficking, Internally Displaced Persons

Republic of Korea - IOM in the Republic of Korea (ROK) and Korea Telecom (KT) have hosted a promotional event: “Moving Stories: Migrants” at the KT Olleh Square auditorium in Seoul.

The (9/6) event, which was open to the public, was attended by over 250 mainly young people. It aimed to raise Korean public awareness of forced migration and to present IOM’s global efforts to address complex migration issues.

IOM ROK Head of Office Miah Park said: “Moving Stories is an opportunity to narrate the lives of often neglected populations, unpacking the realities behind the reported statistics. We hope this occasion will be a turning point for Koreans and migrants in Korea to realize that we all have a part to play in addressing this issue, especially as we try to build open, inclusive and just societies for everyone.”

Conducted in a talk show format, the evening event featured IOM media and communications experts who shared their experiences from Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and other scenes of forced displacement triggered by conflict or natural disasters.  

IOM Spokesperson for Asia and the Pacific Chris Lom provided an overview of forced migration, which affects over 65 million people worldwide. IOM Indonesia Media Officer Paul Dillon described an operation to free over 2,000 victims of human trafficking from fishing boats operating in Indonesian waters. Photographer Muse Mohammed presented a dazzling selection of his work from displacement hotspots around the world.

IOM ROK and KT also showcased their “Digital Island” project – an initiative that is using information technology to bring development and population stabilization to Bangladesh’s remote and impoverished Maheshkhali Island.

“By sharing stories from people on the move, we hope that our audience can put faces and stories to the numbers we hear on the news and start to care and act,” Park added.

IOM has been raising public awareness of migration in Korea since December 2015, when it collaborated with renowned Korean sculptor Yi Hwan-Kwon to mark International Migrants Day.

For further information please contact IOM ROK. Miah Park, Tel: +82 70 4820 2781, Email: mipark@iom.int. Or Jumi Kim, Tel: +82 70 4820 2324, Email: jukim@iom.int

  • Moving Stories official poster. Photo: IOM

  • IOM ROK Head of Office Miah Park and panelists answer questions at the Moving Stories event. Photo: IOM / Jumi Kim.