USAID Backs IOM Thailand Flood Response


As floodwaters continue to advance on the heart of Bangkok, IOM has
received a second USD 500,000 contribution from the US Agency for
International Development (USAID) that will enable it to double
deliveries of essential relief equipment to the hard-pressed Thai

In the past two weeks IOM has already delivered USAID-funded
equipment including 15 aluminium, plastic and inflatable rescue
boats with outboard engines, 140 pumps, 60 generators and 300 water
treatment filters to the Thai Department of Disaster Preparedness
and Mitigation (DDPM).

"IOM will use this new funding to procure more boats, outboards,
pumps, generators, water purification units and life vests to help
Thailand to respond to this ongoing disaster," says IOM Thailand
Chief of Mission Monique Filsnoel.

The Thai government and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
are currently fighting to channel water from flooded northern
Bangkok into canals to the east and west of the city centre, from
where the water can drain into the Gulf of Thailand.

But the sheer volume of water and seasonal high tides has
already resulted in extensive flooding and the forced evacuation of
a growing number of districts in the densely populated city of 12

The floods, which are the worst in over 50 years, have now
affected some 2.9 million people and claimed 533 lives. Thousands
of people have been forced to leave their homes and move into
government shelters while as many as a million have become
unemployed as the floods have engulfed factories and agricultural

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