USD 25 Million Sought to Aid Conflict-Affected People in Ukraine in 2017

Ukraine - Three years into the conflict-related crisis in Eastern Ukraine there are acute humanitarian needs, including access to shelter, work, essential services, and even food and water.

IOM has just announced plans for its assistance to the civilian population for 2017, with a programme to reach over 180,000 people in critical need that will cost USD 25 million to implement.

Since April 2014, an estimated 9,700 people have been killed in the fighting in Eastern Ukraine and a further 22,600 have been injured. In all, 3.8 million people need humanitarian assistance.

“Many of the people who need urgent help are trapped in villages along the contact line without fuel for heating and cooking, hot water, food, or basic necessities,” said IOM’s Chief of Mission for Ukraine, Manfred Profazi. “There are 1.6 million people displaced across the country, many of whom are jobless, struggling to pay their utility bills and lacking funds for food and medical expenses.”

In addition to tangible aid (including hygiene products, blankets and coal) IOM plans to further support internally displaced persons (IDPs) and their host communities through self-employment training and grants. Some families will receive cash to help them pay their bills as commodity prices have skyrocketed.

IOM will also help refurbish social infrastructure, host community events, and provide psychological assistance to build morale and mutual trust among conflict-affected communities.

“In situations of mass displacement there is a hugely elevated risk of human trafficking,” noted Profazi. “Traffickers know the market and cynically move in to exploit vulnerable people who are desperate to provide for their families. We will work with communities both to prevent it happening and to assist victims.”

Finally, IDPs and conflict-affected people will be provided with accurate information on their rights and how to travel safely via IOM-supported hotlines, while IOM’s national monitoring system will conduct regular surveys among IDPs on their situation, intentions and movements, giving the authorities the information needed to provide support. 

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