Workshop on Skilled Migration and Development

Governmental representatives and experts from Argentina, Colombia,
Chile, Mexico and Uruguay, along with experts from IOM, Latin
American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO), the World Bank and
Silicon Valley companies recently gathered in Mexico City to
discuss skilled migration and development.

The participants analyzed current patterns of skilled migration,
country experiences of linkages to qualified migrants abroad,
policies to recruit and mobilize skilled migrants, and ways to
establish networks of talents to promote national and regional

The workshop titled "Skilled Diasporas: Their Role in the
Promotion of a Knowledge-Based Society" was organized by the
FLACSO, IOM and the Institute for Mexicans Abroad of the Ministry
of Foreign Relations.

More than 600,000 Mexicans with university degrees and some
16,000 holding PhDs currently live in the United States. 
Mexico ranks sixth among countries with professionals and
university graduates living in the United States.  India,
China and the Philippines occupy the first three positions. 
In 2004 almost one million nationals from Latin America and the
Caribbean were holding highly qualified positions in the United
States, including executive positions in national or transnational
corporations, in the private sector, and teaching in universities,
amongst other professions.

FLACSO and IOM will compile the presentations and discussion of
the workshop in a publication to be presented in early 2007.

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