Zambia Hosts National Consultative Forum on Diaspora Policies

International and Regional Cooperation

Zambia - The Government of Zambia, with the support of IOM and other partners, yesterday (08/10) hosted a three-day National Consultative Forum (Indaba) on diaspora policy formulation.

Held at Twangale Park in Lusaka, the meeting was attended by leaders of civil society organizations, NGOs, banks, parliamentarians, the Zambian Diaspora, entrepreneurs and representatives of government ministries and institutions.

The consultation is the penultimate step in Zambia’s diaspora policy formulation. Following the meeting, a National Steering Committee made up of representatives from various ministries will convene in order to finalize the policy which will be launched by the government in early 2016.

According to an IOM-supported Zambia Diaspora Survey undertaken in 2011 and updated in 2014, many Zambians abroad wish to engage in national development processes and almost all Zambians abroad send remittances home, mainly to support family members.

Speaking at the event, IOM Regional Director for Southern Africa Josiah Ogina highlighted the importance of the diaspora in Zambia’s development.

“The resources of diaspora populations that flow across borders are immensely varied and range from skills, knowledge and ideas to cultural capital, finance and trade links. These resources can benefit a variety of stakeholders in both countries of origin and the countries where these communities reside,” he said.

IOM has provided support to the Zambian government for a number of years to facilitate diaspora engagement, and has indicated its continued support for the implementation phase.   

For further information, please contact Bertha K. Nguvulu at IOM Zambia, Tel: + 260 211 254 055, Email: [email protected]