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19 October 2015

In recent days, French authorities confirmed that the number of people living in informal camps outside Calais, France, has doubled to 6,000 and that since June, a total of 16 migrants have been killed in or near the Channel Tunnel while trying to make the journey from France to the United Kingdom. 

IOM’s Amanda Nero was recently in Calais. 

Just as the sun sets over the horizon, the migrants living in Calais’ ‘New Jungle’ begin their journey on foot towards the entrance of the Eurotunnel, with the specific aim of getting onto one of the trains or trucks heading to the UK.

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Photo by Lorenzo Tugnoli

A Libyan Militia Confronts The World’s Migrant Crisis

In a chaotic country, a militia tries to halt the ships bound for Europe. But is it possible to stop the migrants, asks Kevin Sieff in a report for The Washington Post.

The dead were laid in rows on the beach so they could be counted. A dozen bodies soon became a hundred. Somewhere off the coast, the dilapidated fishing boat was still bobbing, half-submerged. There would be more victims.

For years, Zuwarah had looked the other way while local smugglers got rich. Migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Syria flooded into Libya’s northernmost city, boarding boats to flee their countries’ extreme poverty and war. But now, the city had enabled a major humanitarian disaster, one its residents could see close up.

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Migration in the News

  • Video News US reported on IOM Director General William Lacy Swing’s speech to the GFMD in Istanbul last week. He said that  countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq need more support as they deal with the ongoing refugee crisis. \
  • Kuwait News Agency reported IOM Director General William Lacy Swing’s speech to the 133rd session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva. He urged parliamentarians to regard migration as an important phenomenon driven by the North and South divide and labour market imbalances.
  • AFP reported on an alarming rise in the number of girls and women trafficked from Nigeria to Italy this year.
  • AFP reported that 3.2 million people have been displaced by the conflict in Iraq since the start of 2014, according to IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix.
  • Thomson-Reuters reported on a multi-country study of human trafficking in the Mekong sub-region conducted by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and IOM, which found victims in 15 different sectors.
  • AP reported that 182 ethnic Rohingya rescued in the Andaman Sea earlier this year have fled a camp in Indonesia's Aceh province, probably to continue their journey to Malaysia. Only 140 of the 322 Rohingyas rescued remain in the camp, according to IOM and UNHCR.
  • Germany’s DW reported that the anti-immigrant Swiss People’s Party (SVP) was set to win a third of the seats in Switzerland's parliamentary elections this weekend.
  • UK’s Independent reported that Izmir-based smugglers are offering migrants cheaper rates during the winter months, when the crossing between Turkey and Greece is more dangerous.
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