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10 March 2016

An IOM staff member shares important and relevant information for migrants at a transit site in Bangui, Central African Republic. What lies at the crux of humankind’s current migration “crisis”? Photo by: Sandra Black / IOM / CC BY-NC-ND

The crux of humankind’s current migration 'crisis'

Switzerland - Human migration is as old as human history. In fact, in some places on our planet there are migrant routes that have been in continuous use for over 4,000 years.

A research team of ours, from the International Organization for Migration, last month had the chance to meet some present-day migrants on one such pathway in Djibouti, a small nation dangling from the Horn of Africa. Through its mountain passes and deserts, pass even poorer people — Ethiopians, mainly, but also Somalis, Kenyans and Sudanese — trekking towards what one might envision as a kind of jobs oasis: the shimmering, booming petroleum exporting countries of the Persian Gulf.

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Migrant workers in Italy pay the pensions of more than half a million residents. Photo: Gabriel Bouys / AFP

Italy's immigrants financing 600,000 pensioners: report

Italy - Immigrants from outside the European Union pay enough social contributions to fund the pensions of 600,000 retired Italians, research has revealed amid controversy over the cost of managing a wave of new arrivals.

Non-EU immigrants are also responsible for establishing nearly one in five new companies registered in Italy, according to figures included in the country's 2015 Legal Yearbook, due to be published today.

The figures were collated by one of the review's editors, Roberto Garofoli, a magistrate who is currently Italian Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan's chief of staff.

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Quote of the day

“We must all choose which journey humankind will take together — a safe one, where we create work with dignity close to a family’s home, or the dangerous one, where migrants shoulder almost all the risk, and often lose all.”  – IOM Director General William Lacy Swing. More here

Migration in the News

  • Devex published an article by IOM Director General William Lacy Swing  about the crux of humankind’s current migration “crisis.” He noted that today we live, at least compared with ancient times, in a highly regulated society with rules and laws that sort today’s migrants into categories.

  • Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty reported that with European countries being increasingly selective about whom they allow to remain, those who risk being classified as economic migrants are realizing their chances are slim.

  • AFP reported that two more refugees resettled in Cambodia from an Australian detention camp have returned home, the Australian government said Tuesday.

Trending on the Internet

  • Reuters reported that foreign governments are pressing authorities and executives in Saudi Arabia to ensure that local construction firms make delayed salary payments to thousands of its foreign workers.
  • Xinhua reported that some 15 million migrant workers are expected to join Chinese trade unions this year, a national trade union leader said on Wednesday.

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