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04 May 2016

Foundation of Hope: Year One of Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction in Nepal

Nepal - A little over a year since Nepal was devastated by a massive earthquake that left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands homeless, the country is poised to enter the reconstruction phase. To mark the transition from relief through recovery, IOM today released a video documentary dedicated to the people of Nepal in appreciation of their determination and resilience.

Foundation of Hope: Year One of Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction in Nepal” was directed by Nepali award-winning documentary film maker Ganesh Panday and an all-Nepali crew, including a cameraman who lost four members of his close family in Sindhupalchowk in April 2015.

The documentary showcases the stories, in their own words, of a representative few of the more than 1.8 million Nepalis that IOM’s programmes have assisted over the past 12 months and the feats of extraordinary courage, grace, and resilience of the Nepali people as a whole. 

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During Last Mass Migration, Europeans Were the Immigrants

Italy - Fifty-five million people left Europe and encountered some of the same heartbreaking problems as today's refugees, writes Simon Worrall in a book review for National Geographic.

It was one of the greatest migrations in human history. From 1846 to 1940, some 55 million Europeans packed their bags and sought a new life abroad, mostly in the United States and South America. Whole regions were emptied out, forcing governments from Vienna to Prague to use propaganda—and punishment—to prevent the spread of so-called “America fever.”

But as Tara Zahra describes in her new book, The Great Departure: Mass Migration From Eastern Europe and the Making of the Free World, the streets of America were not always lined with gold, and many emigrants returned home, broken and disillusioned. 

Zahra explained to Worrall why Western rhetoric has not always been matched by generosity toward migrants; how Donald Trump is drawing on a deep, historical reservoir of anti-immigrant feeling; and why today’s migrant crisis in Europe has disturbing parallels with the past. 

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"Migration is challenging for rich countries, but it is a tragedy for those left behind."  – Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Civil Society Representative of Chad, at the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement. More here.

Migration in the News

  • Sputnik and International Business Times reported that according to IOM over 1,350 migrants and refugees have died in the Mediterranean trying to reach Europe in 2016, including over 100 last weekend.

  • Spiegel Online, Stern, Die Welt, BILD and FOCUS Online  quoted a tweet by IOM’s Flavio Di Giacomo reporting a shipwreck in the Mediterranean this weekend resulting in the rescue of 26 people and 84 others missing, presumed drowned.

  • Reuters reported that Niger’s Foreign Minister told his French and German counterparts that it needs EUR 1 billion to combat the irregular migration of West Africans trying to reach Europe.

  • Euractiv cited IOM’s World Migration Report 2015 on the role of cities in global migration.

  • International Business Times reported that as violence increases in Burundi, over 25,290 internally displaced people are in need of aid. 

Trending on the Internet

  • The Guardian reported from the Maltese capital Valletta on the island’s established migrant population and why new migrants from North Africa are no longer arriving on its shores. 

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